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Ski Area of Muggenbrunn

The ski area of Muggenbrun on the western side of the Feldberg lies in a sunny, high valley and provides access to a varied ski area with 6 ski-lifts and 8 interconnected slopes. Since the winter season of 2008 artificial snow has been produced at the Wasen lift!

The Franzosenberg ski lift (FIS track, 700m long) provides access to slopes of medium difficulty. Both Winkel ski-lifts (900m in length) offer very interesting descents and the expert can tackle demanding and varied slopes at the Köpfle ski-lift (600m). At both Wasen ski-lifts (500m in length) a varied, easy area is available to beginners, families and children. There is free parking at the ski-lifts. 

Further information:

Telephone: +49 (0) 76 71 - 16 35